Welcome to the Piante Keicher.

Our firm, located in Agro Pontino, about 10 km away from Latina, is specialized in the production of young and potted plants. The firm was founded in 1985 by Dieter Keicher and is still managed by him with the contribution of his two sons, Axel and Daniel. We have more than twenty years of experience in the near-exclusive production of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis.

We offer a wide selection of products intended for both growers and wholesalers, including: unrooted cuttings, rooted cuttings in different combinations of fleece pot sizes and number of cuttings planted, as well as half-finished plants. Starting in April and throughout the summer(*), we offer to wholesalers and retailers a wide choice of pot sizes, ranging from Ø 13cm bush to Ø 24cm tree, always for our entire range of varieties.

The small dimensions of the firm, as well as the great amount of experience gained in the production of Hibiscus, and finally the temperate weather of Latina, allow us to have the growth factors of our plants always under control, therefore resulting in a product of home2the highest quality standards.

Important changes that happened in the past years, including our entry in the “Sunny Cities Werkgroep”, of which we are the only Italian member and sole agent for Italy, allow us to always be at the forefront of the ever-changing demands of the market and to offer new and promising Hibiscus varieties.

For a complete list of all the varieties in production, please visit the “varieties” page.

To visit the Sunny Cities website: http://www.hibiscus-sunnycities.nl/index.htm

*All the time frames are indicative, for the actual availability please contact us